Call for Papers – Volume 3, Issue 2 (December, 2019): Religion and Politics in Latin America


Submit manuscripts to the Thematic Papers section by June 30, 2019

The dramatic upsurge of political ambitioned Pentecostal denominations in the last decades in Latin America represents empirical, hermeneutical and analytical challenges for the study of the relation between religion and politics in the region, that for a long time has been concentrated on the historically variable but always influential position of the Roman Catholic Church towards local governments as well as on the former’s engagement for social justice and morally conservative statements on topics such as abortion, sexuality or gender. The forthcoming issue of the International Journal of Latin American Religions invites authors to submit articles that shed specific lights on a historically, geographically and systematically wide-ranging spectrum of questions and problems related to the interplay of religion and politics in Latin American countries.

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